M.D.Jadhav Institute of Technology

Sandipani Charitable Trust's

(Polytechnic) ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED INSTITUTE.

DTE CODE : 6455

Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Name Qualification Designation Experience Photo
Uttam R. Gosavi I.T.I. Lab Assistatnt 6 Years
Mr. Naik P. A. B.E. Mechanical Lecturer 19 Years
Mrs Waghmare P. N. M.Tech (Prod-App), BE (Mech), Lecturer 2 Years
Mr. Ujwal Ashok Patil DME Lab Assistatnt 6 Years
Mr Latif J.M. M.E.(Machine Design-App) ,B.E. (Mech), D.M.E. Lecturer 7 Years
Mr. Jadhav V.D. M.E.(Machine Design-App), B.E. (Production), Lecturer 7 Years
Mr. Mahendra Shinde M.Tech(Design Engg..- App), B.E. (Mech), D.M.E. HOD 7 Years
Mr Madhale N.R. M.Tech (Design-App), B.E. (Mech), DME Lecturer 6 Years
Mr Naik S. A. B.E. Mechanical Lecturer 6 Years
Mr. Pawar A.S. I.T.I., DME, B.E. (Mech-App) Lab Assistatnt 9 Years